These continuing education programs are for child life specialists, counselors, social workers, school counselors and other mental health professionals. Whether you are a private practice clinician or a hospital-based clinician, these online continuing education opportunities are for you!

  • WHAT

    Continuing education opportunities for those supporting children, teens and families impacted by illness and other stressful life events. Offerings include WonderChats (webinars), continuing education courses, and a comprehensive Registered Wonders & Worries Provider training and support program.


    Wonders & Worries has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 7106. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Wonders & Worries is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs. Additionally, courses qualify for child life professional development units and TX social work hours.


    WonderChats are always available to view for professional development at no charge. Simply click on "free preview" under the course curriculum listing on the landing page of specific WonderChat. If credit is desired, the post assessment can be purchased and a certificate issued.


WonderChat Reviews...

“Thank you for your powerful webinar, by far the best in G&B education I have seen and love that you are able to share these tangible resources.  I want to keep this webinar in my toolkit for the rest of my career and share with others for life!  It’s exactly what we promote as CCLS’s and it gave me a boost of confidence for my clinical skills as well. Wow.”      

"Thank you so much for the fabulous webinars. I leave them inspired and invigorated by what my peers are doing around the country and learn something new each time."


"I always gain pearls of wisdom from listening to these! I've been a CCLS for 21yrs now and value whenever WW puts on a topic."


Registered Wonders & Worries Provider Program Reviews...

"This training is an excellent credential to add to services you can provide. It is specialized and there is a huge population out there that can benefit from such services. Not only is it helpful for children of adult patients, it also provides information that could be used in any grief/loss type situation not just specific to death. There are also many activities that can be utilized in a variety of scenarios if you are a counselor seeing children for other diagnoses. I feel this training has helped me to be even more well-rounded in providing services not only to this population, but also to the children I already see."


"This training was wonderful. It refreshed my skills and gave me a wonderful package of activities, ideas, and practices to incorporate with the families I serve."

"The Registered Wonders and Worries Partner (RWWP) training is beyond phenomenal. If you work with children of adult patients (COAP) or are considering starting programming for the COAP population look no further than RWWP! I have been working with the COAP population on consult basis in a community hospital setting for a few years now and the training and programming provided with RWWP is going to take our program to new heights. This population is often overlooked and I am truly ecstatic to implement the curriculum with our patients and families."